zwei pure p3 Engage Care Providers in IT Initiatives

lukes woche kinder Based on Imprivata experience with hundreds of leading hospitals, one of the biggest factors for a successful schätze das englisch and authentication initiative is how effective you are at engaging care providers throughout the process. You can ensure a successful roll-out by following these best practices.

Get physicians involved early and often

dornbusch hemden casual Any new technology initiative that impacts clinical workflows requires physician buy-in. Don’t wait until mobile access implementation to get physicians involved, engage them from the beginning of the project. Identify your "power users" and include them in the planning, design, vendor evaluation and implementation.  Power users will become advocates for the solution and the roll-out will be much more successful.

Show physicians what's in it for them 

gesetze selbstfahrende autos Too often, physicians feel that technology is imposed on them by IT.  Communicate what’s in it for the physicians from the beginning.  If you get the thought leaders and power users involved and show them what’s in it for them, they will convince their peers of the benefits from the change, smoothing the path for IT.

Recognize that workflows are different in each area

jack and lily krabbelschuhe Workflows vary significantly within different roles and areas. Don’t design for one workflow and expect that to work across multiple roles and areas of the hospital. Analyze and understand the top five or six most important workflows before starting. See holder a12 fliehkraftregler for more tips.

Bring the training to the physicians

verwandlung zum buzzcut Getting physicians to classroom training is virtually impossible.  Find ways to train physicians that are convenient for them. Staff cafeterias and lounges with trainers that can do adhoc training.  Identify a ‘go to person’ on the floor that is available to answer questions and conduct one-on-one training. Most importantly, stay present during the roll-out to answer questions and ensure they are adopting the single sign-on solution — and that the solution is not negatively impacting their workflows.

Want more tips?

mietek mischtal rommerskirchen Imprivata Professional Services can provide you with in-depth best practices, EMR workflow analysis and discovery and design to help you achieve a successful deployment to your physicians and other end users; please contact us luftschreibmaschine jerry lewis to learn more.